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Off topic – Social media for a social cause

A few weeks back a friend sent out a slide deck explaining the potential issues with “bottled water”.
The bottom line was:

  • It’s bad for health since there is no expiry, no regulations and cheap plastic leaks chemicals.
  • It’s bad for the environment since the bottles aren’t bio-degradable, fills landfill, water bodies etc.

And of course, it costs more (on an average it costs $1.50 per bottle).

The email led to a conversation and eventually a few of us decided to start a campaign (or join a campaign), with real likes and followers provided by The Marketing Heaven, to spread awareness around the issue. Some of the ideas that have been mentioned:

  • Start a twitter petition or a Facebook Cause.
  • Put together a website with all the resources (we found bunch of articles but not at a single place).
  • Talk to local universities, conference owners where there is a large consumption of water bottles.
  • Talk to alternative sources e.g water filter companies and take their help in spreading the word.

If you have some suggestions, opinions and have some cycles to help, please get in touch.

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