Online Payments using Information Cards

Here are the slides from Sid’s DIDW presentation.

To try out the demo, go to DIDWDemo, get yourself a card and ‘Go shopping at Starbuzz Coffee’. You need to have IE7 and MS CardSpace to checkout the demo (the bank site doesn’t support Firefox).

From the outside, it looks like any other ‘Managed Information cards’ demo. But behind the scene, the merchant site and the issuer are integrated with ACI’s Access Control Server and Payment engine. In the coming weeks, we’ll allow the user to monitor the transaction details between the merchant and the issuer.

For more information on the concept, checkout Sid’s post here .


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  1. Horatio Piltdown says:

    Why would a bank (or any other commercial institution) decide to exclude a significant number of potential customers?
    I do not now, nor will I in the future use IE (if possible) and cardspace (never, ever)

    My identity is too precious to put it in the hands of unregulated corporations.


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