Paul is having issues with CAPTCHA. Would you rather have any of these?






16 Responses to “CAPTCHA Context”

  1. TimothyP says:

    I just love the first one oh and the one before last…

    Please only submit comment to my blog if you have an Einstein brain :-)

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  3. Vera says:

    Is the Google one real?

  4. Cameron says:

    Lol, I wouldn’t want to come across any of those.

  5. Sarah says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was smart enough to actually answer those? heh

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  7. Some Captchas are visual IQ tests. Why do they have to be so hard?

  8. joofys says:

    haha… yeah it is sometime irritating but it is all done for security. I guess.

  9. Peter White says:

    lucky you don’t have any of them on here to submit comments ;)

  10. joel kauffman says:

    Give me just a minute. I’ll work all these out.

  11. Simion says:

    Funny. Love the first and the last.

  12. David Hobson says:

    Good post very funny

  13. paresh says:

    very funny.

  14. Borellus says:

    lol I love the google one XD

    I once had a MySpace one that said “Cunt” in it. I really should have taked a screenshot.

    Great post, Please drop by my blog some time :)

  15. Martin Thoma says:

    Nice post ;-) Where did you find the braille-code-captcha or the symbol-CAPTCHA?

    I have also written a post about CAPTCHAs and I would be interested in including a link to those websites.

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