OSIS Interop at Catalyst

Things have been pretty busy lately….for a reason. We announced SignOn.com today …more on this later. Will also be participating in the Catalyst’s OSIS Interop event on Wednesday (6 – 9:30PM ) with a bunch of other providers. Time to find out how much of this is real :-) . If you are attending Catalyst, drop by to see it all in action.

The following image is only a placeholder :-) … till I get the real OSIS leaflet from Dale and Pam . Looks similar though.


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  1. Ashish Jain – Ping Identity — OSIS Interop at Catalyst [IMG [Technorati links]]

  2. [...] likes to make things work. Like Signon.com. And he also publishes very funny things, like the baby covered with logos before the first Burton/OSIS interop [...]

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