How do you manage your passwords?

Since passwords aren’t going away for now, I asked a few on how do they manage their passwords. Here are some responses:

  • Write them on a paper / notepad and keep it in the drawer.
  • Keep them in a Word/Excel spreadsheet and password-protect the file.
  • Use client-based software (example: KeePass, PasswordSafe, 1Password).
  • Use external password managers that plugs into your PC (example: IDVault, IronKey) – to avoid the portability issue with the previous option.
  • Use the browser ‘remember password’ feature.
  • Use browser based password managers (example: Roboform, Sxipper, LastPass).
  • Use the same password everywhere (hey…most convenient and SSO :-) )
  • Use the same password for a set of sites and mentally segregate them in various categories (e.g. work, home, finance).
  • Use the same password everywhere but a different username.
  • Use a personal algorithm (example: AbC<sitename>123). Easy to remember; portable; different for each site and results in a complex password.
  • Use a passphrase (example: “I really love this blog” or a derivation “irltb”. Even better if the phrase is in a foreign language).

By the way, here are some good tips from Microsoft on creating passwords.


4 Responses to “How do you manage your passwords?”

  1. Josh Surber says:

    I use the supergenpass bookmarklet ( I only have one password I have to remember but each site has a differnet pass, with a mix of lower, upper, and digits. Seems most secure to my but I guess if my master pass falls into the wrong hands I’m fucked.

  2. Lode says:

    I use OpenID (with two-factor authentication on my OpenID account) wherever possible.
    For sites that don’t support OpenID, I generate a “strong” password, and save it in the Mac OS keychain.

  3. mike says:

    I use StickApps on my SafeStick – to ensure I have portable password manager/single sign on, AntiVirus and a VPN client all running from my secure hardware encrypted SafeStick.

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