Ways to share

  • Share with everyone (a.k.a OpenID)
  • Share with a selected few (a.k.a Shibboleth/InCommon)
  • Share with the chosen one (a.k.a SAML, WS-Fed)
  • Share with no one (a.k.a my kids and of course the identity silos).

2 Responses to “Ways to share”

  1. Paul says:

    I’d say that the ‘theory’ of OpenID is ‘share with everyone’ – the reality is diverging.

    Why differentiate between Shi band SAML? Both get typically deployed within a CoT right?


  2. Ashish Jain says:

    I meant it from the providers and not from the individual users perspective. Hence I was implying metadata and not necessarily user attributes. And “trust” would have been a better choice of word (but I was having a too much trust day :-) ).
    Anyway, to your other point, SAML deployments are normally 1-1. Based on what I gather about Shib/Incommon, there is a common place/file that hosts the metadata for all participants. The various entities goes through a validation process to be listed in the common file…and hence ‘Shared with a selected few’.

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