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Moving on

I have started the new year with a new employer – Symantec. I’ll be part of Symantec’s new initiative around identity.


Past four years with Ping Identity had been an extremely rewarding experience. But I’m looking forward to the ‘power of yellow’. symantec

Back to work

Just came back from our trip to India. It was a good break from the routine discussions in/around identity.
It was an amazing experience and I got to meet quite a few old friends and relatives. The environment in India has changed a lot since the last time I was there. Almost everyone I met is working crazy long hours and very happy about it. It seems like everyone realizes that there are growth opportunities and doing their bit to grab it. I remember reading an article a while back on how the IT in India is mainly services based. To me, it seemed like a lot of product based work is beginning to happen.

A buddy of mine shared the following statistics that reflects the optimistic attitude.

  • The average age of population in India is ~24 years. Given the total population of the country is over a billion, this means a lot of young people.
  • The middle class in India is ~300 million (close to the total population in US).
  • The organized retail industry is still at ~2-3 percent. 97% of shopping happens at mom and pop shops. Prediction is to have the organized retail number up to 15% in the next couple of years.
  • For the past few years, India’s GDP (Gross domestic Product) has been close to 8-9% compared to ~3% in US.
  • ~500 malls are currently being built around the country.
  • The telecom sector is growing with ~5 million new subscribers every month.

Net/Net – a very positive outlook.

Traveling to India

I’ll be traveling to India later this week (reason why I’m missing out on IIW).  It’s been a while. Our last trip was in 2003. And I’m told that a lot has changed since then.
I’m a  bit leery of how the kids will handle the 15 hour flight, but I’m looking forward to spending some time with family and old friends.


Couple of months back we had a presentation here at Ping regarding startups, their cultures and people etc. Among other things, the speaker shared the following IQ graph.


The average IQ of the population is….duh… 100. The IQ between the range of 120-140 is considered superior. And if you are 140+, you should consider yourself a genius. He mentioned it’s recommended for startups to have majority of their employees in the 120-140 range.
Now…I have never been tested for IQ. Nor do I want to take that risk at this time in my career. But his presentation did intrigue me. So….I did the next best thing;I took my 5 year old to a licensed Psychotherapist for an IQ (WPPSI – III) test. We finally got the results last week and it turns out that Eshan has an IQ of 148.


Among all the mumbo-jumbo and complex numbers, this is what the evaluator had in her report

He scored higher than approximately 99 out of 100 children his age.

He was able to focus throughout the test and had excellent concentration. He has great manners. He was very funny and made me laugh many times. He also has very good reasoning skills. He can learn through many modalities. School should come easy to him.
I would highly recommend that Eshan be placed in a gifted and talented program. He will need to be challenged and also be around other gifted students.

Now….if I can just get my Dad to take a test, I’ll be all set.

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