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Love.Federation.Cello Tape.Collaboration…and Viagra

Borrowing from one of Dick’s presentation – federation needs to become a Viagra solution (i.e. giving more powers) and not just a painkiller (i.e. solving an immediate pain). More and more enterprises are accepting the SaaS model and outsourcing their key business data and functions. Security is an obvious concern for all of these SaaS vendors. However, there are hardly any SaaS vendors that support standard federation protocols. And I believe one of the reasons is that they consider federation as part of a security solution (i.e. painkiller) and not something that can add more value to their business proposition. I agree with Mark and Eric that federation needs to become a cello tape and an enabler.

One more thought on the love and trust linkage. One of the fellow identerati told me this:

Identity federation is like high school sex. Everyone is talking about it. But hardly anyone is doing it. And even the ones that are doing it, are not doing it right (and not for the right reasons either).

For federation to be long lasting, there should be love. And trust.


I spent the last couple of days at Defrag. I was going to list some of the happenings but it seems like Phil  got that taken care of. Nonetheless, some of my observations:

Before the conference I wasn’t really sure what the conference was all about. After the conference, I’m still not sure what the conference was all about. It felt like a lot of electrons with lots of energy and moving in every possible direction. I need more defragging.


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